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The Vancouver Groove Orchestra is an exciting showband comprised of an expanding pool of remarkable musicians, including several who lead their own musical groups in Vancouver and surrounding areas.  Whether sitting in for a short time or with us from the beginning of the band’s story, each VGO member has supported the band’s mandate to make great music and give back to the community. 


As a CRA approved non-profit society, there are excellent opportunities to support and partner with other groups to make a mutual contribution to your community.   We help raise money for your favorite charities! (see bottom of page for more information)



Over the years, the VGO family has included:


Musical Director:  Darrell Penner

Frontman/Vocalist:  Phil Vanderveen

Trumpets: Darrell Penner, Ron Davis, Adrian Falcon, Steve Torok, Michael Kim, Dave Kiselbach, Andrea Alexandra.

Bones:  Dagan Lowe, Andrea Smith, Wayne Ablitt, Neil Penner, Isaac Robinson.

Saxes:  Aaron Hardie, Jan Schnider, Kevin Shan, Susan Penner, Dave Makela, Eric Tsang, David Forstved, Jamie Davis, Jim Bugg, Campbell Ryga

Piano:  Roy Sluyter, Glenn Lemieux, Ron Koyanagi, Jenny Xu

Drums & Percussion:  Ron Melnyk, Joel Melnyk, Sam Heard

Bass:  Rod Melnyk, Mark Bender

Guitars:  Ari Lahdekorpi, Paul Taylor, James Wright

Additional vocalists:  Michael Forstved, Linda Forstved, Geri Karlstrom, Sonja Gerbrandt, Maureen Kieselbach

Additional guests we’ve played with:  Rosanna Chiu (harp), Chad Makela (bari sax), Rich Wetzel (trumpet)

Additional participants for VGO’s recording at The Warehouse, Vancouver BC.

Bob Brooks (producer), Roger Monk (engineer), Fred Stride (conductor), Raphael Geronimo (Latin percussion), Ben Karlstrom (post production).




Our mission is to entertain and inspire individuals and/or organizations through first rate music, with the proceeds benefiting our list of CRA approved Charities.  In other words, we play music, you enjoy the entertainment and receive a tax benefit from us, and we mutually benefit worthwhile charities who are making a difference in our community. A true win-win situation!




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